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TV Celebrity

TV Celebrity
Originally uploaded by cheeni.
The TV was on as I walked past it, I paused and blinked at a familiar

picture until I realized I was looking at my own creation...

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Indian_filter_coffee_in_Dabarah.jpg

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What a weird cooincidence that you were walking past the TV when they were flashing this, and I use the term loosely, infographic. What I wonder is if this is the time you found your work being used, imagine the number of times it must have been used without you ever knowing.

When its FDL'ed, why should you bother?

If I recall my FDL correctly, they still need to credit where and whom they got the image from. I am quite sure that DD did not do this. Also, it is not a question of IP that I was talking about. I was referring to how our might be used without our knowledge (not conscent and other IP issues).

Is that your T23 in the background ?

The original without the Doordashan induced crappy aspect ratio.

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